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The option of data submission by external users has primarily been developed for researchers that want to assist us in adding their already published data to this database. Presently, we will not consider including unpublished data because of the obvious quality control issues for the database. However, we will consider the inclusion of data on additional mutations that have been generated by a research group using the methods already reported in one of their peer-reviewed publications. In all such cases, unpublished data will be clearly labeled in our database.

If your intention is to submit a MMR gene UV but no functional or in silico data on
it then please do not submit that UV here but to the general InSiGHT mutation database instead (see our home page). Our database only lists UVs that are accompanied by results from functional and/or in silico testing and specializes in providing information on those tests. Thank you.

Submit new variant/mutation
Submit results from functional test or in silico analysis for existing variant/mutation
Submit clinical report for existing variant/mutation